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Default Flood damages

Anyone else wake up to a fantastic fucking day. Sump pump looks like it was chewing on gravel and the top came off when I lifted out of the pit.

It's like a magician said "hey it looks like you have some extra money"


Not anymore! People clapping and shit.
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Our entire block got water damage. That dry bed that we light fireworks off into overflowed right into my rec room and basement

Even worse is I'm in Cincinnati for six weeks and unable to do the work myself so I'm writing checks. Should be covered on homeowner's policy so that's good.
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^^^ I feel for you. Back in 99 I was in Korea for 6 weeks when my wife called and said the basement was filling up with water.

You feel so helpless and can't do anything.
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I live on the top of the hill and my house sits at an elevation of 972ft. The Missouri river is the closest moving body of water near me at an elevation of 758ft. If my house is flooding there will be a lot more people than me who are fucked.

That said, I'm so glad we sold my GF's house this spring. Even though we dumped $25k into fixing the foundation, improving drainage, and installing an interior drain system, it's basement flooding was always still in the back of my mind. I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

Sorry for those of you that have to dig out of a flooded house. I understand very much how much that sucks.
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A lot of people I know got flooded out. One of them even had mud come in because a window had a crack in it, water pressure broke the cracked window and in all just came in. The old man slept thru the whole thing only to find a foot of water and mud in his basement
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My place is at the top of a hill, but just down the street is the southern tip of the Little Blue River. It flooded a good 3-4ft over the bridge that I have to cross to come to work. There are also a lot of houses/town homes/apartments right there. One of the driveways had a 2-3ft berm of dirt and it wrapped around the front of the house.

My basement has lots of huge cracks that have been sealed, but it still runs in pretty good. My power even went out so the sub pump had to have stopped at some point during the night. But nothing worse than normal in the basement. Its gets a few little streams across the concrete but goes right to the drain.
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My house drains very well, but I had just a little water in mine. It was my fault, though. Here's a tip for everyone here: don't put a rain barrel next to a window well. The rain barrel has an overflow that directs water out the front like a normal drain, so no big deal, right? Well, that Saturday rain completely overwhelmed the thing and dumped water back down the foundation and into the window well. Looked like a fish tank from the inside. A leaky fish tank nobody wants. I bailed out water from the well during the lighting. As soon as the rain stopped, the well was dry (I told you drainage was good). I was just lucky because for some reason I decided to go check the basement during the rain and saw it. We were on it right away. I pulled back about 4 ft of carpet and dried it out. No damage. I took the rain barrel out the following day. The second round of storms resulted in nothing but free swimming pool water.
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My house is also located at the top of a hill. The address elevation is 916 feet. My rain gauge was overflowing at 7". Our basement / sub basement both were bone dry. When it's totally quiet, you could hear the sump pump running......it runs for about 30 seconds, maybe twice an hour. I'm thinking about getting a water powered sump pump to replace the 1996 vintage unit.

Outside we had a couple small limbs down, but no real damage. As Corners said, nothing but free swimming pool water.
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