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When Aetna walks away with $2.9B, yes billion, in net income for 2016, I'd say there's a HUGE problem with our for-profit healthcare system.

A few months ago my daughter got an arm buckle fracture (i.e. a really minor arm break). I had to take her to the ER at Child's Mercy because all the clinics were closed. She got at xray, an arm brace, and some meds. That cost me $1700 with my Aetna discount. We then were contacted by Children's Mercy the day after to have a nurse practitioner do a more detailed review. We said ok and didn't think about cost since it was a typical doctors appointment. My daughter had an initial visit with the NP that lasted 15 minutes. No xray, no cast. 4 weeks later she had a follow-up visit to confirm removal of her brace. 10 minute visit. Total cost billed to us for 25 minutes of work with a NP? $2300. Why do you ask? Because Children's Mercy bills a flat rate whether you got a cast, numerous xrays, and had a compound fracture with a bone poking out or if you had a very minor buckle fracture which heals in a couple weeks with children. We said no f-ing way when we inquired about this to Children's Mercy. We've basically told them to try again and reconsider the bill because we're not paying the equivalent of $4600/hr. We have a patient advocate working on this. I doubt they'll get far. It will probably end with us offering take it or leave it $500 settlement or a come-at-me-bro letter from yours truly. I ain't paying $2300. LOL

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