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Originally Posted by Furious Goat View Post
What if we paid all of the money we pay for healthcare and it went straight into healthcare? Look at your paychecks, why do you need to pay healthcare plus profits for the insurance industry?

We need to stamp down the influence of the insurance industry in politics. The members of congress and the senate have fantastic healthcare at probably a lower cost than most people on here pay. They and all federal workers get that most likely because they're negotiating for a large pool of people paying in. So they're getting phenomenal healthcare and meanwhile Aetna or BCBS or whoever is lobbying the shit out of politicians to be able to sell people in probably a cornered market of bf wherever a shit barebones plan that costs $800/month for a single person. So what if we all got access to the federally negotiated plans? I'm talking full coverage for a family for $400/month or less. That's what they get.

The unfortunate thing is that the legislation has already been proposed and shut down multiple times. Wonder why they don't want us to have it cheaper?

The bottom line is that people pay too much, and it doesn't have to be that way. And letting insurance companies have their ways is not the answer when their incentive for profit is perverse. How do you make more money? Cover less people, it's that simple. You can be anti government all you want, but the insurance companies are never gonna have your back over profits. You can advocate through government for someone who actually has your back.
I think in theory you can make that argument for almost any industry... airlines, building cars, farming food, etc etc. People out there making a profit for things we all need... government should step in and take care of it all and eliminate the profits!!

That's not how capitalism works, and I wouldn't want it to. Keep in mind the government takes away the insurance companies via the VA... and it's not some perfect happy/fair system. Further, they institute an administration setup via DHA/Tricare that mimics much of what the insurance companies do.

I can see why people would want a single-payer setup. However, until we go that route, removing insurance companies and their profits, is NOT going to fix our problem... it would make it worse.

EDIT: I'll also add, you can advocate for someone who has your back via government... however you really just get someone who is bought/paid for via lobby dollars and our fucked up system. For every bad corporation out there, I can point to at least two fucked up government situations. Look no further than who our idiot in chief is... hopefully we can "advocate" him out?
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