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Originally Posted by joekr View Post
Here's the Rolling Stone story:

He abandoned his post from what I'm reading (although it's a long ass article and I read it quick).

I didn't think we negotiated with terrorist and I sure hell didn't think we did prisoner swaps...but obviously we do.

I'm having a hard time feeling sorry for a soldier that went AWOL and then was captured by the enemy. I'm sure his family has been tortured this whole time, but if the man would have followed orders and done his duty as he swore to, he wouldn't have been put in this situation.

If we traded even one known terrorist for a deserter...Well, something is seriously wrong with this situation...
I'm certainly not as well versed as others in foreign policy and military operations as others on here. But joekr's is my basic understanding of the USA stance, as well.

Is this coincidental Barry goes above Congress and makes this deal with the VA scandal hitting the fan?
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