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Godzilla vs. Kong Casts Eiza González & Rebecca Hall

Eiza González and Rebecca Hall are the latest additions to the cast of You're Next and Blair Witch director Adam Wingard's MonsterVerse crossover movie, Godzilla vs. Kong. The film has already recruited several actors this month alone, including Brian Tyree Henry (Atlanta), Demián Bichir (The Nun), and Alexander Skarsgård (Big Little Lies). They're joined here by Julian Dennison (Deadpool 2), who became the first confirmed cast member all the way back in June.

That's a fittingly international ensemble, considering that Godzilla vs. Kong will pit the whole of humanity against the god-like creatures that roam our planet in a fight for survival. The MonsterVerse, as Warner Bros.' Godzilla and King Kong cinematic universe is known, has been building up to this since 2014, beginning with director Gareth Edwards' Godzilla relaunch and continuing on with filmmaker Jordan Vogt-Roberts' Kong: Skull Island in 2017. Both movies established Godzilla and Kong as being essential to maintaining balance in the world, which begs the question: why, exactly, are they going to fight one another?

While the answer to that question will have to wait for another day, there's more Godzilla vs. Kong casting news to discuss in the meantime. Deadline is reporting that González has closed a deal to costar in the film, ahead of the start of principal photography in November. Elsewhere, Variety has learned that Hall will play one of the new leads introduced in the MonsterVerse crossover.

González's previous work includes her leading role on Robert Rodriguez's From Dusk Till Dawn TV series, though more people are probably familiar with her for playing the bubble gum-popping thief "Darling" in Edgar Wright's Baby Driver last year. Hall, for her part, has tended to work on period dramas and indie fare more than franchises, but is far from a stranger to the world of big-budget blockbusters, thanks to her role as scientist Maya Hansen in Iron Man 3.

As impressive as the confirmed Godzilla vs. Kong cast is on-paper, their actual roles in the film are being kept a secret for now. Godzilla and Kong: Skull Island's human rosters featured a mix of military personnel, scientists, and regular civilians, and next year's sequel Godzilla: King of the Monsters appears to include a similar blend of human archetypes (including Millie Bobby Brown as a character who may or may not figure into Godzilla vs. Kong's plot). It stands to reason that Wingard's crossover won't stray too far from that formula either, especially since the monster hunting crypto-zoological agency Monarch is expected to once again play a role in the storyline here. If nothing else, though, we can probably rule out the possibility that González and Hall are playing gigantic monsters themselves. (Then again, you never know...)

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