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Originally Posted by SUPRADRIVER View Post
The people who are running in the class they had should have the safety stuff in place to run. If you are running in the mid 5s in the 1/8 mile you should have to appropriate safety equipment on the car.
This. If you're running that fast, you should have the safety equipment. Easier to get away with on an 1/8th mile track as you're not going to be at 150+mph at the end.

Originally Posted by SUPRADRIVER View Post
The same argument can be made about 1/8 mile keeping people away. The fact is you cannot satisfy everyone. The benefit of having a 1/4 mile track is you can still run an 1/8 mile class. I am not sure how you come to the conclusion that 1/2-2/3s of the number of passes would go through. I've never been to HPT so that may have something to do with it. The line for test and tune was pretty long and it took cars a while to get through. The other cars got to go around a different way and got to the line much faster. I think the staging area at HPT would be beneficial in organizing the classes and the event overall.
Even if the exact same set up runs through at HPT, it's going to be slower getting cars through. It's going to be slower simply because it takes 1/3 longer to get down the track. Doesn't seem like much, but for every single pass, it adds up. I think people would be understanding of that though.

One thing to also keep in mind is the MASSIVE pit area and staging area. Staging up the class racing would be extremely easy while allowing others to keep running by keeping them in designated lanes (I think there are like 10+ separate lanes available in the staging area).

Also, if you get enough interest in it, you could always set up the car show/meet in the pit area. It's about 10x the size of the lot this year.
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