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Originally Posted by fast895ohstang View Post
Pa system has already been brought up and addressed to the track owner. The class thing was already talked about as well, but just the 2 we had going was a ton of work. We did in 2 months what generally takes 6+ months to plan and put on. Next year will be bigger and better.
I agree that the event would run smoother if more time was taken to organize it. I am not sure I understand your reasoning with the classes being hard to run. You chose to take the event to a track, so take the time to organize the classes and make sure they run smoothly. If you need more help, then reach out to the forum and ask for it. There should be one person dedicated to run the classes and he should definitely have a handful of people helping him.

Originally Posted by ForcFed93 View Post
Ditto on the HPT
I think this is the best option, but apparently its not feasible.

Originally Posted by turbotuner20v View Post
I'm sure safety requirements would keep a large number of people from making the drive out to HPT to risk being turned away or only making 1 pass. From what it sounded like, US36 was pretty lax on tech.

I wasn't able to make the track/night time activities, how was the non-track racing this year for the roll race crowd?
The people who are running in the class they had should have the safety stuff in place to run. If you are running in the mid 5s in the 1/8 mile you should have to appropriate safety equipment on the car.

The non-track racing was not very good.

Originally Posted by fast895ohstang View Post
Hpt's tech would have kept guys away. Also we would have had 1/2-2/3s of the number of passes made. Us36 kept the cars moving. Tommy was a big help on that as well keeping cars moving and stopping them when we brought in the heads up guys.
The same argument can be made about 1/8 mile keeping people away. The fact is you cannot satisfy everyone. The benefit of having a 1/4 mile track is you can still run an 1/8 mile class. I am not sure how you come to the conclusion that 1/2-2/3s of the number of passes would go through. I've never been to HPT so that may have something to do with it. The line for test and tune was pretty long and it took cars a while to get through. The other cars got to go around a different way and got to the line much faster. I think the staging area at HPT would be beneficial in organizing the classes and the event overall.
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