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Default Suggestions for the 8th Annual Mustang/ F-Body meet

First off, I would like to say thanks to the organizers of the event for putting in the time and effort to put the event together. With that said, I think that there is always room for improvement and would like to make some suggestions for next year. Hopefully, other members can chime in with their suggestions and it will lead to an improved event.
  1. Use HPT over US 36 Raceway
    • I have never been to HPT, but I think having a 1/4 mile track will cater to more people. Also, I think it would be a much nicer track. It would still involve people making a decent drive, which would accommodate the street class.
  2. Add more classes for racing
    • Since this is an F-body/Mustang meet, I think there should be more classes than were at this event. For example, I would suggest having individual F-body and Mustang classes that cater to the different types of cars that attend the event. You could possibly split the classes up by power adders (i.e. - 1 class for no power adders, 1 class for a single power adder, etc.).
    • In addition, I would say have a class that is F-body/Mustang to see which car is superior.
    • If you get enough attendees then you may also consider another class such as an import one.
  3. Adjust the Schedule
    • Having a car show, track time, then night events makes for a very long day. I would suggest either splitting the days up or shortening the time related to each event.
    • For example, if we use HPT, then possibly have the track event on Friday night during their test and tune and follow up with the car show/cruise on Saturday. I think this will help invite others from out of town to make a weekend out of the event.
    • If you would like to keep it a single day event then you may consider starting the car show a little later or not have the track event run as late as it does.
  4. Announcements at the Track
    • I feel like this could use some adjustments for next year. It was hard to tell which class was racing when and which round the class was in.
  5. Focus of the Event
    • I know the event in previous years has been the best night of street racing of the year. Personally, I didn't like the huge emphasis on the track, but I understand including it as a component of the event. I enjoyed watching some of the races during the event, but with the majority of the night being test and tune it made for a long night. I know it can be difficult organizing the night activities, but I know it's been great the last few years. I would say this year was sort of disappointment as far as the late night component of the event goes.
Once again, I want to reiterate that I appreciate the work you put into the event. My suggestions above are meant to be constructive criticism to help make the event better and not to criticize the work you put into the event.
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