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Originally Posted by Ryan H. View Post

You think you know, but you really DON'T know.
Pretty much, guy reads something on wiki and he's a subject matter expert.

Everything looks amazing on paper and the numbers must be true

I will say there have been 2 veterans that have posted, that have been in Korea and have been through similar class/briefs on the forces of N. Korea, so really don't think I am going to go w/ Bryan Wheat

Originally Posted by TWEETY View Post
I will agree that wars are mostly avoidable, and usually for monetary gain. However, convincing a revolution to happen in N Korea is pretty much an impossibility. Why? because they are like China, and fill their peoples heads with mindless propoganda. They control everything the people hear and see. They have, for decades, pounded in their childrens skulls that the US is evil. One cannot say that only the US is squaring off against NK. China, its biggest ally, is also joining the warnings to NK to stop doing stupid shit and grow up.

The pudgy little fat fucker over their is simply pounding his chest, hoping that his dead father would be proud of him.

This ^ pretty much

He is just doing what his father did and grandfather always did, making idle threats. The training happens all the time in the south, and every couple of years the north tosses out threats.

They are in fact a mindless state, starved and pretty much below poverty. I really don't think why people say "have them rise up" when they are brainwashed since birth to follow the rules set up.

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