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Originally Posted by JDLM View Post
I think you underestimate the fighting force in the South by a lot .

(fwiw: I've sat through plenty of S.Korean/N. Korean force briefings)
By a lot huh. The south along with the biggest baddest military in the world couldn't defeat the north Koreans in the 50's, what makes it any different now? We couldn't defeat a more primitive Vietcong army 20 years later with a much larger more sophisticated army. We took what 8 years in iraq, 10+ in Afghanistan against far easier opponents. Lets start off with the fighting force as you say. The south has around 640k active and 2.9m reserves, The north has around 1.1m active with 8.2m reserves. You do the math there for me. North korea has around 1000 more tanks, the north has about 200 more combat aircraft. The south does have more naval support, but that is about the only place that they are hands down better at. Lets not forget that north korea is crazy enough to use nuclear weapons also. They only have a few with no real delivery system, but even a small nuke can do lots of damage on a city if you can get it there.
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