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Some times, the only way I can even come to deal with some view points on this site, is when i'm drinking... I'm sober right now though!

Yes, are there some things that are a bit out there that I have looked into... Yes, i'll admit that. However you thinking that somehow I must support this nation blowing everything up just to flex our muscles, or to continue this empire in such a way. Well I will never support it again. I refuse.

I didn't say I was perfect, but I also have learned from my Grandfather how stupid war was/is, and speaking of Korea... Guess what war he was in... THE KOREAN WAR!!! He was young and like most southern boys wanted to serve uncle sam. It still doesn't change the fact that he killed other human beings over GOVERNMENT BS. When in fact it's almost pointless that he did go fight Communism, when it's socialism/communism that's the new hip thing in America. You know how much he regrets some of the fucked up shit he did over there, or how some of his best buddy's got shot or blown up by mortars. What did they die for? So that all of us can be having to be living in fear of losing our bill of rights, or of a government that really doesn't give a fuck about average everyday people.

My father also served in the army as well, and was infantry, however he was in from 80-83 and never had to go fight a senseless war. Thank god, because at that age with him coming from what he did, I am 100% sure that he would have killed anyone he was ordered too.

At this point there is no way I would even want to be in the US military, let alone them allow me in with how much I am against following blindly.

I don't trust you FOACAD. I think you're a warmonger type of guy, and you're lacking the respect for human life. Maybe I see it differently from you, because I don't believe in any other life than this one right now. I don't want to go take up arms against every other nation out there. As a matter of fact I am still amazed that N. Korea is even ran by who it is! We beat communism by making them bankrupt (Afghanistan), we can stage a coe in Iran and even back an Arab Spring, but we can't somehow convince a revolution in N. Korea?
There's no liberty left, in a world riddled with control.
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