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Originally Posted by FOACAD View Post

And im sick of his....

Its a two way street?

His commentary is useless drivel that has no bearing on any of the discussions on this site. He babbles about nothing and throws in "one man army" and other mindless nonsense like it makes a point or something.

This is a discussion forum, learn to have an actual discussion without sounding like the drunk idiot at the bar that cant form a coherent sentence and everyone else wishes would shut the fuck up.

I do like you stalking my posts to hit dislike though, makes me smile when i see it.

I looked back on some of the recent threads that are getting new replies that I posted in and missed some of your commentary. I hit dislike on what I disliked. I am not stalking you so you can get off that high horse.

I appreciate that you are in the military and the service you do for this country, and that is where my appreciation of you ends. The way you treat people and act on here, well you come across as an utter douchebag and I can see why some people react to you the way the do. Marlin bought into the conspiracy theory(s), so what.....Not tough to do when so much crap is going on right now. Attacking Drag over his weight...tough keyboard e-thugging at it's finest right there. Sorry but I don't buy into you being innocent of any wrong doing and you are here for intellectual discussion only.

I'm off my soap box now and this can get back to an actual discussion
newbie that knows nothing
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