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Costume Changes Coming For The Guardians Of The Galaxy

  • You could make the case that creating costumes for Guardians of the Galaxy is more challenging than any other Marvel franchise. For one, its superhero adventures take place in outer space, on alien worlds, so the costumes have to look non-earthly but not too sci-fi-y based on a request from director James Gunn. Secondly, since there are so many different races of alien species featured throughout, creating some sort of visual cohesion with green, grey, blue and pink skinned characters is very difficult to pull off.

And as cool as the costumes look, they also can convey something deeper. For example: before the random, intergalactic team of misfits head off on their final battle with Ronan, they all (except Groot) all end up in Ravagers' gear to signify that they are now a family.
However, since the sequel will be about the team struggling to maintain that kinship, can we still expect a cohesive visual identity for the Guardians?
"I'd say, in the beginning of the movie a little bit, but less so as we go on," executive producer Jonathan Schwartz told, along with other members of the press, during a set visit. "Part of them kind of, getting full of themselves and believing their own hype and fame. It's the idea that they are distinguishing themselves visually a little bit. And you see that in the costume design. They are a little more rock 'n roll. They kinda think they're awesome now. Which is, at least, a little visual diversion."

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