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Exclamation ---> Section Rules. **READ PRIOR TO POSTING** (UPDATED 08/03/2014)

Please take the time to read these rules, PRIOR to posting in these sections.

** WHen your item is SOLD please edit your title by clicking "edit" twice, and mark it with "**SOLD**"

1. Absolutely NO stolen goods / property. will cooperate fully with law enforcement on any investigations regarding alleged stolen goods / property.

2. Post your item(s) in the correct section(s).

3. Use an appropriate title for your thread(s).

4. You MUST use this template (all fields are required, unless stated):

Asking/Offering Price:
Email Address/Phone Number (optional):
Item Description:
(if link to a craigslist is in ad, that has photos, that works.)

For auto listings these are also required in addition to the fields above.

Title Status:

**Ads that do not follow the proper formatting will be locked / deleted.

5. Maximum number of active threads is 3. If you have more than 3 active threads, they are subject to being locked or combined, at the sole discretion of staff.

6. You are allowed ONE bump (non-informational post) of your thread per day. You may NOT bump your thread on the same day that it is posted.

7. No "just gauging interest" posts. It is either for sale right now, or you shouldn't be making a post about it here.

8. Do NOT post negative comments. If you don't agree with a price, but are interested, then send the person a PM about it. If you aren't interested, then you have no business clicking on the "reply" button in the first place. The ONLY replies allowed in a classified post will be those directly related to the item for sale/trade in a positive manner. This will be strictly enforced with infractions and/or bans.
9. If you do not have a valid question or informational post to make, then don't make a post in the thread. You are NOT permitted to "bump" threads for other people. To include "glws/bump/glwt" it's not needed

Violation of any of the above rules can result in locks, deletes, warnings, bans, or other cruel and unusual actions. The punishment(s) will be carried out at the discretion of the staff, and is subject to their mood and temperament.

Click here to see the latest version of the rules:

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