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Originally Posted by TAILWAG View Post
The IRS has an office downtown. It might be better for you to go down there and seek assistance from an actual individual. One surely has been assigned to the case, especially if the figure is large.

You might get it cleared up a lot quicker that way. One of my ex-girlfriends had a similar issue when she had her own business. She just went down there and in 2 hours, had everything resolved to her satisfaction.
Ok, that might help.
I saw something about that online, but thought it stated somewhere "DO NOT COME HERE"
But hey, I will check into it again.

Originally Posted by 69Mach351 View Post
Guessing you do your own taxes? Have you recently amended a past return?

I had to amend one that was 2 years or so old. It took about 6 months to get a letter saying I owed more than I had paid. It wasn't a lot, but I ran it by my accountant (who said it was likely legit with the amended return) and my attorney who said to pay it rather than fight it since it was a small amount. But then again, I let those guys handle everything.
I do my own, have for years, all has been well.

Originally Posted by ForcFed93 View Post
I had a buddy that had this happen to him. He sent a reply letter stating he would like a detailed breakdown of the charges. It was like $27,000, or something ridiculous. They replied stating that it was a decimal point error and that it was actually like $27. He wrote them a check and called it a day.
I wish that was the deal, but by the number its something specific.

Originally Posted by sleek98 View Post
EA, you can PM me with questions if you want.

What type of notice did they send, in the upper right hand corner it will have a tax notice number and some letters, like CP2000?

If it has AUR up there, if so there is no person assigned to your return and you just have to deal with whoever picks up the phone.

I am a CPA and if you want to send over a pdf copy of the notice I can send you my email. They typically tell you the adjustments they are making but not usually in enough detail.
I will do this, and as stated I just need to know someone that is familiar enough to make sure that when I do write this check, its for the correct reasons.

If it was a small amount, it would be one thing.
But its large enough that well, its a tough pill to swallow.
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