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Hey Guys! First off I'd like to give a shout out to @Terry@BMS and the guys over a Burger Motorsports. I've been using their JB4 for about a month now and not only is the unit amazing, but the support has been even better! Terry is always open to answer any questions we may have, even if it means repeating himself 100 times (ala spark plug gap ).

Now on to the good stuff!
Terry did a giveaway on the N54 Tech website last week and I was lucky enough to win the soon-to-be-released BMS pedal tuner for the Stinger. I got the unit installed and can now give some feedback.
The installation took maybe 50 seconds, might be the easiest mod I've ever installed! The unit bypasses the connection on the back of the gas pedal, not the OBDII, which is nice since I have the JB4 installed. Below are some pictures of the unit and where it connects.

If you've installed a JB4, this will look very familiar. I have WeatherTech mats so I ran the cable underneath to hide it and mounted the unit on the center console so I can reach it easily.

On initial set up there is a calibration process, but it isn't too difficult. BMS made a video about how to do this and it's on their website.

The unit has 3 buttons. The top one changes the drive mode, and the other two are used to fine tune each drive mode. I'm not sure if they have specific names, but I've coined the modes Stock, Sport, Race, and Eco.

When the mode is changed off of Stock, the change is very noticeable! It's worth noting that this unit DOES NOT increase horsepower, it changes the sensitivity of the gas pedal. I will say that it definitely increases the fun factor!

I tried getting some data on how it affects the pedal percentage but had a hard time figuring it out because I don't think the changes are linear. Sport mode feels the same as Stock until about 20% pedal pressure, and then it jumps up faster. Race mode is an instant change once you touch the pedal, which is perfect for the Stinger's Sport mode or manual mode. I didn't like using the Race setting in Comfort mode because of all the gear shifting the car had to do, but Sport worked better.

If you like to be on the other end of the spectrum, the Eco mode is great for coaching you not to gun it at every red light! Eco cuts the response way down. It almost feels like you have to press down 50% to get any kind of power response. If you're looking to save gas, this is a great mode for that!

The BMS pedal tuner is definitely a great add-on if you want more response out of your right foot, or if you're looking to dial in how the car feels in general. The Race mode put a smile on my face more than once with the way it instantly delivers the torque! Thank you BMS for giving us quality products!



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