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Originally Posted by torqueburner View Post
Even though I've pointed out BMW is a better buy no matter how you spin it, I doubt it will affect the Stinger because there's an ASS for every seat.....
Agreed. The Stinger crowd is pretty hell bent on making it out to be the Thinking Man's BMW 340i. I can't blame them either.

There is something up with these 3.3 liter motors though with respect to consistent and/or advertised power, as noted on forums, YT, and mag tests. I just got the latest Car & Driver and they did a full test on the Genesis G70 which has the same 3.3 liter TT motor and tranny plus it weighs 150lbs than the Stinger GT. The rwd G70 managed a 13.3@106mph which was a whopping 5mph and .4 seconds off of the times of their rwd Stringer GT test car. 5mph suggests a huge difference in power and you would think the lighter G70 should be marginally quicker and faster.
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