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Originally Posted by kcstreeter View Post
Fiat as a savior.

A car company that is financially strapped and builds crappy cars. Taking over another financially strapped car company that builds crappy cars also. Albeit not as crappy as your own.

Yeah makes sense to me.

Not dissing you by the way.
Fiat (as a whole ) is more than just one brand, granted not all the brands are on the same level, this will be a good thing for Chrysler in the long run, it isn't like it will be an over night thing) Fiat has the technology that Chrysler doesn't and the money to back it up (fwiw they have $$ or obviously wouldn't own some of the car companies that they do ) Chrysler needs to get into a niche all their own, if that means cutting them out of certain markets, and building onto a Fiat platform etc.. then so be it) Fiat has planned a return to the US Market since their departure and this is going to be it)

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