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Chrysler/Fiat to have 3 brands at dealers by 2011, will share two-thirds of suppliers by 2014

Chrysler Group LLC plans to finish the consolidation of its dealerships into three-brand stores by the end of 2011. Speaking at the company’s 5-year business plan conference today, the automaker’s vice president of network development and fleet Peter Grady said that Chrysler is looking to dramatically increase the number of vehicles it sells at each store so dealers can be more profitable and financially healthy.

Separately, Fiat and Chrysler will share more than two-thirds of their suppliers by 2014, reports Automotive News. Chrysler’s purchasing chief Daniel Knott said that Chrysler is looking to cut purchasing costs and expects $2.9 billion in cumulative savings from 2010 to 2014. It hopes to save $500 million next year, he said.

Knott said that Chrysler will improve its relationships with suppliers.

“Chrysler purchasing will be accountable,” Knott said. “We will be firm, and we will be fair.”

Jeep will move over to Fiat platforms in 2013, “I live. I ride. I am. Jeep”

Speaking today at Chrysler’s 5-year business plan conference, Jeep brand CEO Mike Manley said that the SUV brand will use Fiat-supplied platforms starting 2013. He said that Jeep will also eliminate the Patriot and Compass after 2012 and replace them with one C-segment vehicle based on a platform from Fiat.

Jeep is also planning a B-segment small SUV for 2013. The Liberty crossover will also move to a Fiat platform, reports Automotive News.

Manley said that the Jeep Wrangler will also receive “major modifications” in 2011.

It was reported earlier that Jeep will be the only global Chrysler Group LLC brand. Jeep is aiming for global sales to reach 800,000 by 2014. That compares to 497,000 sold in 2008.

A new slogan will also be attached to Jeep “I live. I ride. I am. Jeep.”

Chrysler/Fiat: Expect fewer V8s and more 4-cylinder and diesels by 2014

We’ve been providing you live updates on Chrysler’s 5-year business plan press conference all day. However, some of the things being discussed this morning are more significant and deserve their own post.

Chrysler and Fiat said today that V8 engines will account for only 11 percent of the mix by 2014 – down from 18 percent in 2010.

The Auburn Hills automaker said that it anticipates 4-cylinder engines to make up 38 percent of its vehicle mix in 2014, up from 19 percent in 2010. Diesels will also join the mix and will make up 14 percent of the vehicle lineup by 2014, up from 9 percent today.

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