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No. They never made one. The "Red Eye" boxes are the High Output boxes for the W7s. When the AE versions of the subs were released on 2011 the "Red Eye" changed to a "Black Eye". Still the same box and same sub, just new color. The 8", 10" and 12" have been available in the past, but the 8" H.O. was discontinued in about 2009, thought the 8w7AE is still available. The 10" and 12" H.O.s are still available.

The main reason they never made a 13w7 H.O. box is shipping weight. Seriously. The 12" version has a shipping weight in excess of 120 lbs. A 13" version would have been in the neighborhood of 150 and would have been very difficult to ship reliably and efficiently.

They list a ported spec for the 13w7 which will be close, but likely tuned a bit lower than what a H.O. box would be.
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