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Default Revisiting an old eight legged hobby

So, back when I was a kid I had a few pet tarantulas and in general have always been fascinated with spiders, I think I got rid of my last one when I was 17 or 18, right before moving out.

Fast forward a few years and a post on FB got me interested in possibly keeping Mantises, so
I was browsing on a bug vendor site and decided to check out the tarantulas on the market these days HOLY CRAP there are hundreds of different ones available these days, back then there were only like a few dozen available.
I became hooked again, picked up a indian ornamental tarantula at a reptile show and bought a Pink salmon bird eater juvi as well as a choco brown golden knee.

Any others on here ever keep Tarantulas, scorpions or insects?

Even though he is just a baby, this guy makes me nervous, very fast and has the most toxic venom of all the tarantulas, getting bit=trip to the ER
Indian ornamental

This is the juvi bird eater, as an adult it will have a 10-11" leg span.

Choco gold knee

This is a pricey one that I plan to buy and possibly breed next (cash cows) 1 egg sac =75-100 babies. 2 month old babies go for $35-45 ea. with a very high demand, figure 3 sacs a year and you have a spider that is making you near $10,000

Gooty sapphire indian ornamental

Just bored at work, thought I would share the weird shit Im into. lol
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