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Originally Posted by Keboh View Post
Speed Triple (1060cc), z1000, Super Duke (1290cc), fz09 (847cc), Monster 1200

They're turned down, HP-wise. You'll find though that their power bands are a lot more useful in every day riding (and hooning) than super sports.

The Speed Triple, though only (lol, only) has 140hp will pull front tire from like 2,000 rpm, not even pinning it. When I ride my dad's, I have to be careful in first because even rolling into it will usually pull tire. They're TORQUE MONSTERS and more fun than any liter sport bike I've ever been on by a long, long, loooooooong shot.

The Super Duke will power wheelie in 5th gear.

Don't get caught up in bench racing. Unless you plan on these being primarily drag strip bikes, you won't notice the drop in HP. Super sports are usually pretty gutless down low because they're designed for track riding where you stay in the top 5,000rpm the whole time. On the street, who wants to do that? It's way better to make your power down lower in the rev range.
That's why you leave it a gear lower bruh, always be in that band.
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