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Justin, thanks again for the switch, been watching more youtube videos and re-reading a few chapters in my book to get back up to speed, turns out that switch you donated can also be used as a default gateway/router due to it's layer 3 capability, which I should have noticed in the first video I saw on basic configuration since it was given an IP from the DNS using DHCP. but I didn't catch that until later.

networking sure can be interesting..

haven't even gotten to the chapter yet, but been searching on how you figure out your subnet mask, and apparently I should go back and read the book more because it all is figured up AFTER you figure up your network address and subnet addresses. and the math is rather funky compared to what I remember back in high-school of course it may just also be how people are typing it, or my memory sucks but the more you read something the more the gears turn and the easier it gets to be to understand.
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