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Originally Posted by BuddyLee View Post
I wish I had the balls to buy a bike. I know I would love it. As a single dad and pretty much the sole provider I am terrified of being taken out by some asshat motorist not paying attention.
Well, if its any consolation Im statistically more likely to kill myself on the damned thing than being killed by someone. Most are single vehicle crashes. Being said that is the general statistic, Im an old fart so my risks go down a lot. Its usually the young pups smearing themselves all over the road. 43% of fatalities involve alcohol. Nearly a 3rd arent even licensed.

Being old, taking classes, riding with experienced riders (aka good, not just douchebags that have ridden for a while) and a few basic precautions can really help your numbers.

The other option is to "take it to the track." Its like marrying a retired pornstar (the ONE well-adjusted one). You know she is clean and safe but its "no holds barred (within reason of course)." Riding on a track the most thrilling time Ive had that doesn't come with a risk of pregnancy.

Edit: honestly EVERYONE should hit a track day no matter what. Even a Harley rider. Things I learned on the track have absolutely made me safer on the street.
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