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Default Laser Interceptor Group Buy for members!

This post and group buy is for those of you who have gotten a speeding ticket, or are worried about getting one, or who have a radar detector, or who simply like cool vehicle technology.

As many of you know, radar detectors are legal in both MO and KS, but radar jammers are illegal in the USA. During the past few years, most local LEO have made the switch to LIDAR (laser-based) speed measurement equipment. LIDAR (laser) jammers *are* legal in MO, in KS, and most other states. Check here for an up-to-date list of legality state-by-state.

To avoid getting nailed with LIDAR based speed guns, for several years I've been using what I consider to be the best laser jammer ever made: Laser Interceptor. The Laser Interceptor is capable of jamming-to-gun (JTG) in almost every real world situation, and jams close enough to give you more than enough time to slow down in any other LIDAR situation. I've been running a Laser Interceptor system in my SRT-10, and in my Z06, and have never gotten a ticket as a result of LIDAR. Combined with my Valentine1, I've got the best possible protection against speed traps. I know the guys who make the Laser Interceptor, and I know Cliff @ Laser Interceptor USA (the official US distributor). I've been dealing with them for years. Outstanding customer service all the way around, and the absolute best quality and best performing laser jammer you can buy.

For some videos of the Laser Interceptor in action, check out:

It includes video of Laser Interceptor on a frigging motor home jamming LIDAR to the gun, and even taking on three different LIDAR guns at one time.

Also, search youtube for "laser interceptor".

A few of my favorite videos ...
Laser Interceptor on a flatbed truck jamming LTI Ultralyte LIDAR:

To check out the latest 3rd party impartial tests of laser jammers, radar detectors, etc, THE definitive site is Guys of LIDAR (GOL).

All that said, if you're potentially interested in getting a laser jammer for your vehicle, now is a great time to buy. Laser Interceptor USA (LI-USA) has just become a sponsor on kcsr, and they've got an excellent group buy for kcsr members.

LI Dual Group Buy Price is $550. Retails $700.00 (Saving $150)
LI Quad Group Buy Price is $1000. Retails $1225.00 (Saving $225)

LI Dual HP (High Power) Group Buy Price is $1100 Retails $1400.00 (Saving $300)
LI Quad HP (High Power) Group Buy Price is $2000 Retails $2450.00 (Saving $450)

The nice thing about this "group buy" is that you don't have to wait for a certain number of people to commit, or for anybody else to pay first. You can go ahead and order from LI-USA right now and have your system delivered within a few days. To be clear, all units ship directly from and payments go directly to LI-USA. If you want a unit, you just need to email Cliff (aka LI-USA) at, or post which version you want, DUAL or QUAD, DUAL HP or QUAD HP, and how many. If you're a paypal user, send him your paypal email address so he can invoice you via paypal; otherwise, your regular email works fine too. There is a limit of 2 units per person at the GB price, and LI-USA will immediately then send you an invoice. GB Participants must pay as they order. Once payment is received, LI-USA will ship their order immediately so no waiting for a certain number to be reached for the GB Pricing.

BTW, Cliff will be on the forum here to answer questions as well. Look for user LI-USA, check out the LI vendor forum ( ), and/or have a look at the new Radar/Laser Countermeasures forum ( ) in the Automotive section.

Those of you who have been around here for a while know that it is pretty rare for me to personally endorse a product, or vouch for the customer service of a company. Laser Interceptor is the most effective, quality made laser jammer on the market, and customer service from LI and from LI-USA is second to none.
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