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Originally Posted by DIYAutoRepair View Post
You just can't resist can you.

I was actually minding my business both times and they decided to instigate. Who am I to not oblige!

The first one was the Audi. It happened yesterday when I was leaving the dealership. The ink wasn't even dry on the paperwork

I pulled off from a stop light and all of a sudden the Audi was in it and coming hard. My car is just super loud and I assumed she thought I tried to take off on her from the light. I laid into it and wrapped out second and stopped her pull at the top of second. She never got around me. It was a old lady that was around my age too. She rolled down the window at the next light, we chatted, and that was that.

Then on I-70 this guy and I assume his son run up alongside of me in his 550i. I hear him bring up the boost and he takes off. I was like game on! I down shifted and caught up and pulled along side of him and we got a couple of pulls in. One mid way through second gear to the top of third, and one third and halfway through fourth. Both very close runs, and as loud as his turbo was I'd say it was modded for sure.

Feels good to have a toy again.
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