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If GM is really, really serious about trying to take on the big boys then I think they shouldnt do it with the Vette. Keep the Vette what it is, a pretty flexible platform that can be had on the cheap (relatively, for the standard model) to play with M3s and then on on the top end as a cheap way to run around the track with the big boys.

But if you really, honestly want to say you are going to take on Ferrari in style, quality and performance in a single package then it really needs its own bespoke chassis. Not a tarted up version of a chassis that any commoner can get.

Keep the Vette F/R and cheap, make an all alum (or CF if you dare) new car with a mid engine and monocoque with 40 cows inside to give them a run.

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Reminds me more of a 458 IMO
LOL, No.
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