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Originally Posted by phreakdna View Post
the conflict will likely escalate because Trump wants to rally his base and he isn't capable of understanding when to stop or when its best to leave something alone.

we see it near weekly in the US where he won't just shut the fuck up and stop hurting himself so he continues to dig and make things worse. unless he's magically going to grow up/start acting like someone else, I don't see how he doesn't just continue to do the same thing to the entire country because he ego simply can't understand the concept of a perceived slight vs an actual harm nor can he accept that someone else may get "the last word".

Iran is going to need to save face so they are going to do something to a soft target somewhere (and that blood will be on Trump's hands) so then he'll feel the need to retaliate, etc. this is a major reason why the Framers required someone be of a certain age to be President, it was intended to keep actual grown ups in charge and away from using the military as a toy to just run around wrecking shit. except Trump hasn't progressed mentally since the age of 11 or 12 so the fact that he's a geriatric imbecile means the age requirement wasn't enough to protect us from this fate.
So you see this as a political move rather than a military or national security move if I am reading this correctly?
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