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OnePlus Respond To Reservation Hacking Reports

At the moment, it seems there is OnePlus news emerging pretty much on a daily basis. The company did only recently launch their latest device, the OnePlus 2, so the uptake in news coverage is somewhat normal. However, thanks to a number of additional factors, like the invite system, the OnePlus news is in even more abundance. Take yesterday for instance. A report emerged late yesterday afternoon detailing how someone could essentially hack the OnePlus invite reservation system. Although, the hacker, Jake Cooper, did not provide a detailed explanation on how others could hack the reservation process, he did provide enough information to highlight that the system can be hacked and that he had done it. Cooper also noted that he had contacted OnePlus to make them aware of the issue, although at the time OnePlus had yet to respond.
Well, OnePlus has now responded through a forum announcement. In short, the response does pretty much confirm that the method of hacking is one which is possible. “We knew this was possible, and we’ve been monitoring the list for such behavior.” In response, OnePlus have noted that they have already implemented ways to try and mitigate against the issue. Further noting that as invites have not begun going out yet, they will be going through the reservation list and identifying those which they consider to be fraudulent entries. According to OnePlus, there are multiple ways for them to identify such fraudulent reservation requests.
Interesting, OnePlus also took the opportunity to admit that there seems to be some cheating going on in their #WWYDFT2 contest and once again noted that they will be looking to identify those who are trying to find a loophole in the system and exploit it. In fact, the overriding theme of the blog post seems to suggest that they are looking to reassure valid reservations that such cheating will not be tolerated. Although, in the same sentence they also announced that they will be sending Cooper an invite “for his efforts”. So in spite of the reassurance to those abiding by the system and rules, it does seem if you find a way to bump yourself up the queue unnaturally, it could be worth an invite anyway.

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