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Originally Posted by scoobsmcdoobs View Post
Lol just cause y'all broke don't mean you need to hate
Definitely adds credibility to your cause.

I think all of those people have enough money to drop $300 on tickets if they wanted to... Even someone who's broke could afford those raffle tickets. I think they're just saying that the likelyhood that this is a legitimately legal car, and not a gray area car, is slim to none. and I'd bet they're right. To my knowledge, it's not possible to LEGALLY import an r34. The only generation of Skyline that can be imported fully legally for street use is the r33, and there are very few that have been modified to meet the standards required.

Can you present the VCP-17 and HS-7 forms for this car? If not, good luck to the future owners. You're probably in for a super fun visit by US Customs.

Originally Posted by scoobsmcdoobs View Post
How come it's not a problem when the guys at 80Eighty do it?

They do it all the time! For Supras, Skylines, Evos etc.
All of the cars listed on that website are either legal in the US or older than the 25-year rule, exempting them from the federal regulations that limit the r34 Skyline.

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