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Default anyone have dealth with dog ear infections I need some advice

While back I picked up my moms poodle and took her as my own. Ever since I've had her, I have been trying to clean her ear but it smells so bad and so painful she barely lets me touch it. She has debris in her her and latched on her hair that slightest movement hurts her.
I started to put her on her back and let her her flop open and at times I would get toilet paper and put it in her ear and start wiping it do get the puss and water, and I have been doing that couple of times and she is getting use to it little bit, but its like the fluid is reproducing and making it look like I haven't tried to clean it.

My question is, is there any over the counter antiobiotics for her ear I can buy? I really want to get her ear cleaned up. When she shakes her head you can literally her the fluid shaking around in her ear.

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