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Originally Posted by Ricerking13 View Post
Municipal governments have slowed and stopped new ISP's from forming/installing. Google FIber is a good example of how well it can go, IF the muni will get out of the way.

Agreed with we need regulations about breaking up monopolies... this is FAR more important than the unlikely realization of your ISP blocking websites you like due to being greedy.

If we had the focus of the community on the right issue, which is breaking up monopolies and encouraging new ISP growth... we wouldn't have to even worry about current NN concerns. The primary reason this isn't an issue in the UK, is plenty of competition. We're instead focused on limiting these massive company's ability to fuck us for a profit... instead of letting the market grow and eliminating any chance of that happening.
You dense mother fucker.

You do realize that Google has been forcing other ISP's hands in lowering their prices in the markets they move into, right? And that the other ISP's have fucking sued the cities to block Google's expansion in those cities?

On top of that, ISP's are suing cities to block them from forming their own services for their citizens.

Verizon, AT&T, Comcast, Time Warner/Spectrum - are supporting the repeal to fuck you, and every other internet consumer and you're somehow supporting that. Blows my fucking mind. All gubbment regulation bad, hurr durr.

Congrats, you're on the same boat as resident dumbfuck DIY.
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