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Originally Posted by 84USNGT View Post
So do we "have" Net Neutrality now or is its neutrality being threatened in some way if we do have it?
Net Neutrality was put in place in the Obama Admin. Republicans just voted to repeal it, today. Net Neutrality is now gone.

This allows:
Internet to be sold in 'packages' like cable, rather than simply you getting a specific speed/data cap with access to any web page. It's now possible for ISPs to say "you get Google and Yahoo and Hotmail with basic. You wanna watch Netflix? You need to pay more to get the 'streaming sites' package, or you simply can't hit that website. It also allows for throttling of webpages, basically in the same fashion.

Also, with companies like AT&T owning CNN or Verizon owning Yahoo, it should be frightening. AT&T is now allowed to have control over the content and news that you get with cost... AT&T could say "you get access to CNN with basic. You want Fox News? You need to pay extra".

It also threatens entrepreneurship, for the above issues.
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