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Originally Posted by jwdb1fish View Post
I finally caught another random run.

It's crazy that these new Coyotes can pimp smack the '04 Cobras so easily.

Did a quick 2nd gear roll and got out of it halfway through third and I was out about a car. Then we did a 50 roll to about 120 for me and I pulled off and kept pulling to about three cars or so between us when we let off.

I didn't ask what his mods were but it at least had a catback/exhaust work.

Hopefully one of the Mild bros will step up soon and I can add a SRT-8 and a C5Z to my kill list
My C5z is all stock, but should be a decent run as long as I have my Nitto's on. My street tires don't hook worth shit.

I'm game for a run or two.
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