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I never been pulled over. You can tell by a successful jam because he will keep the gun on you until you go past him. I have probably jammed a cop 10 to 15 times. He just keeps the gun on you then when you pass him he will just go to the next car. Atleast that is what they did on me. some people don't like to jam to gun. some just like to get under the speed limit and shut them off. But I just like to see how they would react. but I rarely speed anyways anymore. just about 8 over on the highway is it. Laser light is controlled by the FDA. Not the FCC like radar is, so radar jammers are illegal in all 50 states. So for most states it is legal to run a laser jammer. I think california and oklahoma and a handful of other states their illegal. but in ks and mo. it's legal. if you do get pulled over you can always tell them their parking sensors.
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