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Default Laser Jammers (unbiased tests?)

This section on KCSR is more or less "dead" so I thought I would try to pump some life into it.

I have been doing some reading on Laser Jammers recently and it seems each website that sells a brand shows that brand beating out others it head-2-head tests.

Is there an unbiased website that does not offer any for sale, but rather just tests them?

I normally use Google and then sort it out by "most recent" to get the newest up to date tests from 2014 (tons of info out there from way back in 2011 doesnt apply to today since LEO's are now using newer, improved, different guns).

I have seen that several of the newest guns used by LEO's are not "jammable" or at the very least, less effected by Jammers now. Because of this several companies are updating their firmware left and right to try to keep up, and some updates are not working as advertised.

So with all of that info out there, where can I go for unbiased test results without being swayed by brand loyalists ?

I know some of the "top dogs" are:

1) Laser Interceptor (I don't know the latest firmware #, I think it's 8.1X?)
2) Laser Elite (previously Laser Star, but has undergone a complete change and has 4 diodes)
3) K40 G5 (their newest offering that some say tests very well, and is made in my home town on Elgin, IL if im not mistaken lol)

I already purchased another V1 (I wanted a new Escort but read several users are having a "Service Required"/"Maintenance Required" show up on the display just after the 1 year warranty expires).

Unfortunately, I already remembered why I sold my first one a couple years ago (same issue of little to no ramp-up/poor range on front, and then super sensative ramp-up/great range from the rear).

Same piss poor performance out of this V1 as my previous one, which just confirms my beliefe that anyone who recommends them over another brand is simply just a V1 nut swinger that is too affraid to admit there are better detectors out there and that the basic design of the V1 has been the same since it was released a decade or two ago, with just software updates inbetween.

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