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Originally Posted by Scooby24 View Post
This was the last uncalled for troll I'm tolerating from you.

Early on in my career at Cerner we had town halls and a big point of contention for folks was the parking situation at WHQ where we were having to get shuttled in from the riverport campus which added 15-30 minutes onto our commute. Neal would throw footballs to people and if you caught one you had to ask a question and one person brought up this concern and asked about the plans for parking in the future. Neal's response was...not kind. In every town hall I recall, we all walked away from Neal's updates feeling like we were getting scolded by a parent for not doing enough.

Working initially in the resource center we had to deliver equipment to his floor in the 2800 building and my coworkers had lots of stories of conversations on the elevators where employees were grilled on their performance and contributions and the message was always what are you doing for the company which is not how people wanted to be treated.

These impressions were common among most people early on in their careers when Neal had a bigger role in the company. As time went on and Neal had lesser of a role aside from his public image, perceptions began to change since the only side folks saw of him is the side he wanted to show.
We (Perceptive) got a lot of people from Cerner with similar stories. They would really sell the modern software company angle for recruiting but really work people hard once they got you in, including a lot of pressure on deferring PTO and whatnot.
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