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Originally Posted by 95PreludeSE View Post
What benefit does the smart smoke detector really get you? Other than a nerdgasm for the first week when you're playing with it and showing it off to your friends, it's still just a detector that will sit on your wall or ceiling. Can it show you live data like %CO or PPM? Can it tie into my security system like my current smoke and heat detectors?

I can understand the smart thermostat, and am looking at replacing my current programmable with a Nest; but this just looks like another geek-device for the sake of having a geek-device.
Fwiw: they have answered questions you asked via the FAQ on the website:

What is Nest Protect for Security Systems?
Nest Protect for Security Systems is a smoke and carbon monoxide alarm designed to connect to your home security system.

Nest Protect for Security Systems will be available in the first half of 2014.

This Nest Protect model is similar to the Nest Protect (Battery), but engineered to connect with existing security system control panels.

Nest Protect for Security Systems requires professional installation and will be available through the Nest Certified resellers.

Sign up here and we’ll email you when Nest Protect for Security Systems becomes available.


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