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You do realize there are reasons for bumper height restrictions right?

Is it backwards in some ways? Sure. Your theory of taking off the fuel injection and swapping on a carb technically shouldn't pass as a visual emissions inspection is supposed to be part of the process. That is unless I am forgetting a lot of stuff.

All 3 clicks (or 18 minutes) worth of flag time. At least that is what the going rate was for an MVI when I was stilll doing them.

A lot of guys aren't going to pass something that is obviously a violation. A lot seem to be wiling to let some minor stuff slide.
Originally Posted by Dr. Leonard McCoy
I know engineers. They love to change things.
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...Because I live on a balanced diet, I have a balanced mind, and as a result I know that animals are like people. Some are for looking at. Some are for loving. Some are for riding. And some need to be shot because they’re a bloody nuisance.

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