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Originally Posted by snm95ls View Post
As someone who has worked in shops in MO for several years, I'd say you have a very distorted view. I guess I don't associate with people that are out to rip off customers.

I never wanted to do MVIs because they are a pain in the ass, don't pay shit, and are NOT a guaranteed upsell.

IT is also pretty shocking how bad things have to be in order to legitimately fail an MVI. It also becomes a liability for the shop and the inspector as you can be fined an have your inspection license revoked if you pass a vehicle that should not pass. Maybe there are a lot of techs and/or shops that err on the side of caution to avoid such situations.

There is nothing that states that the shop or technician that failed an MVI has to be the one to repair it.

50 dollars for wiper blades? Change them yourself, and go back for the re-inspection.

It's real simple, keep your vehicle in reasonable shape, and you shouldn't have to deal with a failed MVI. If you know for a fact that they are full of shit, take it to another shop or go to the Highway Patrol.

It just seems like you are bitching about something without first hand knowledge.
I just think it sucks... Every time my lifted trucks went in fail on bumper height.. Then I have to bolt wood to bottom of the bumper to drop it... Stupid...
Hell I could change from fuel injection to carb and take off all smog including cats and I pass I don't know the state is just stupid about some things. I think they are over critical in lots of ways
" Smells like money to me "
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