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Originally Posted by ItalionStallion888 View Post
I don't do water changes that often because my goal is to keep the tannins in the tank (brown coloration)

All that fish poo and leaf litter falls to my substrate and feeds the roots of my plants.

Carbon has a half life of about 14 days, then it's inert. Only really meant to strip medication from the tank. I have not ran carbon in my tanks for a good 3 years.

If you continually get bacterial blooms, ie cloudy water it's from messing with your substrate and kicking up all of the gunk giving the bacteria food causing it to multiply. I never ever touch my substrate. Ever.
In the reef aquarium hobby it's common to see carbon being used about once a month only for a few days to remove yellowing compounds and toxins that can be released by coral fighting for space (think chemical warfare), only use it for a few days because some carbon will lose its polarity in saltwater after 72 hours or so.
Works wonders on polishing water for better light penetration for our coral, figured it would be the same with plants, guess I was wrong.
Wouldn't you want good light/PAR penetration?

Edit:just asking cause I am considering setting up my first planted tank so I'm curious, but looking at the big picture you planted tank guys, like us reefers are trying to recreate the natural environment and I doubt amazon basin water bodies and rivers are crystal clear, so I see your justification on wanting to keep those tannins/yellow compounds in there.
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