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Originally Posted by Ricerking13 View Post
A- that's an estimate, not a guarantee like last night
B- a TAX CUT is not spending, yes I realize it will possibly increase the deficit... but I'm much more opposed to government spending than a tax cut that increases the deficit
C- Your political bias won't allow you to look at this objectively, you proved as much by your second paragraph and how you view the tax cut
A - its math. the only part that's an estimate is the estimate of how much economic impact there will be to offset the costs. acting like "its just an estimate, you can't say that its exactly 5x bigger..." is a child's answer. the tax fairy isn't real, tax cuts do not pay for themselves. we've had this experiment run dozens of times before and the answer is essentially always the same which is why the models are so accurate. pretending like "oh its only an estimate" is beneath you.
B - as covered in A, it will definitely increase the deficit. we're taking in almost 2T less money than before, there will not be the amount of economic activity to recover that money - there never has with any other tax cut so I repeat myself "the tax fairy is not real, tax cuts do not pay for themselves"
C - [kettle]I'm black? Bitch, you're black too![/kettle]

yes, you caught me, I'm biased to science and reality. the reality is that tax cuts (particularly those slanted heavily to the wealthy) do not create the same economic impact as gov't spending dollar for dollar. despite the fact that I personally will benefit much less from gov't spending that I will Republican tax cuts, I would rather the country and the people in it be in a better place economically than Republicans showering my family with another tax cut because in the end, someone is going to have to pay the money we're borrowing back and that's going to be on us and our kids. however, if we're going to add to the deficit either way, I would rather it have a greater economic impact for the country than for me personally.
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