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Originally Posted by 01fordgazguzler View Post

I was looking at geting into it but dont have the time. A guy here at work makes more money off his rental property than he does here. He easily makes 80k here. He says he purchases a place puts all new furnace, ac, water heater ect and has a retainer on a handyman. That way he has someone available 24/7 should a problem arise. He also only rents to single men or married couples (after they've been together for a couple years and the fighting is mostly over) He says women destroy shit and arent upfront about it. He also says he has no problem punching a guy in his mouth if he lies/BS about not making a payment.
Our last renters pretty much destroyed our property. Sure it wasn't fancy, but it was a nice $60-70,000 dollar home in Grandview. We are short selling it now because we are lucky if we can get $25,000 for the house. Holes in walls, holes in doors, trash through out the house, doors ripped off of kitchen drawers, roaches, carpet was pretty white, now you can see where the TV stand was because there is a white spot, and it is black all around it.

Just be VERY careful on who you let rent from you.
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