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Originally Posted by Scooby24 View Post
I have a 200 amp that enough?
Yeah, its the recommended spec for their top models. THey require 3 dual breakers though, so space might be an issue depending on panel size. The highest model is like 125 amps and it only uses that much if you max it out, so as long as you arent running an angle grinder while 3 people are taking showers at the same time and the wife is doing dishes with the dishwasher running you are good.

Honestly, in a house that is CCFL or LED you would likely be fine with a 150 (there are tons of reviews where people put them in 150s) so amp im fine, I just dont have enough space for the other two breakers (all 40 amps, the mid one needs one and the bigger ones both need 3).

That is for electric though. Is your current heater electric or gas. If gas then there are gas models that dont have the same needs electrically speaking.
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