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Originally Posted by mild83 View Post
Maybe Lox can answer this.

Why would I roll a 401k from a prior employer?

My first 401k is through Fidelity, and my new employer is also with Fidelity.

Is there any point to doing anything with my old 401k? The options are ok.
Look at the costs in your old plan vs the new plan. You should have access to a Participant Fee Disclosure, or also referred to as a 404(a)(5) disclosure for both plans. If you don't, call fidelity, and ask for them. Then compare.

Originally Posted by jasman18 View Post
I can only tell you why I do it. Leaving it in 401k you have less than 20 preselected investment options that are in the plan.
Rolling it into ira gives you the option to invest in thousands of options.
Morningstar has recently published information that expenses are the most important factor in terms of investment success within qualified plans. So unless you have a ton of money, $500k ish, then you aren't going to be getting access to the lowest share class options available, that are most likely available in the K Plan. But you already know that.

Most plans now are offering a brokerage window where you can buy investments not offered in the plan anyway, so again, chances are you are still better off staying in the plan.
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