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Originally Posted by BuddyLee View Post
It could have been, but he still had a cause. 64 year olds don't do mass killings to become famous, that's what kids do. This man was acting out of a cause, based on current facts, that's my best guess. As more facts come out, then my guess may change. I can't think of another narrative that uses the facts is better.
I take a shit for a cause, not feeling like I need to take a shit. So you are certainly right there. And, just for the record, being famous is a cause.

We dont know what his cause was yet. He could have been protesting the change in school lunches, he could have been following the commands of the chip he believes that aliens put in his head. Both are equally as plausible as a leftist who is mad a police brutality or Donald trump at this point.

He fired, as best we can tell, indiscriminately into a crowd of thousands of people using an existing gun collection from a room he was camped in for 4 days. So we know it was planned, that is ALL we know right now. Dont use this to confirm your own biases.
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