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Originally Posted by BuddyLee View Post
I don't think he's trying to push a narrative. I think he's trying to find an explanation like the entire country is. We want to know why.

Based on victimology and what we know of the shooter, I think the guy was a leftist too, that wanted to commit a crime so heinous that it jump started the discussion and possibly legislation for change.

I will explain the psychology behind my answer if anyone wants further explanation, but I can promise you I have no agenda other than the truth. In this case, it's the most plausible explanation.
I dont think that word means what you think it means.

Just saying "ANTIFA" doesn't make it a plausible explanation without an introduction of bias. Yeah, the victims may be more conservative but nothing about the guys history states he was anything but. Engineers arent exactly commonly left. Guy was a fan of guns far before this incident. Guy made himself a millionaire as a real estate investor. Again, neither of those things scream "liberal hippie freak!"

No political proclamations as we know. While the event he targeted was country and would likely have blue collar, conservative fans, it was also the largest open-air event in his area. He didn't travel for this, he lived nearby. It could have simply been the most convenient event hosting a large crowd.
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