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(Actual Letter Sent (In thanks)....from an actual person thats been a victim of this sort of "crime" (that isn't a crime......yet)
while i know that this information that mr creed publishes is termed "public" information, what needs to be pointed out though, is that it is not mr creed's responsibility to publicize it, when he does that, it becomes harassment, extortion, and if letters are sent, about pending cases, or case excerpt's could be considered slander, i was shocked that the district attorney's office did not see that a crime was being committed here, I for one am a daily victim of a few people like this, it has ruined any and all possibility of getting employment above menial labor, it has ruined my sex life / companionship in life, and basically makes a person feel worthless, i for one, have seriously considered, suicide several times because of this so-called legal bullying, seriously you people need to wake up, it's not just middle school kids harassing/bullying people on the internet, and in real life. These people exist only to make others feel bad about themselves, i am a felon, i have served my sentence, but for me it's a life long sentence because of half-wits, like mr creed, i did think it was amusing that he gets testy when people threaten him and his family, because that's what he is doing, but cannot see it, i have rights in this community, though the district attorney's office chooses not to enforce crimes against felons,
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