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What Mr. Creed, Had to say while he was on

Originally Posted by zef
Originally Posted by RedMaro View Post
I agree he came off harsh, but I'm assuming he found kcsr from this thread and a google search. He just joined yesterday. I would be a little upset if someone flamed my business too...
Originally Posted by RedMaro View Post
Yup you are right. No insult in there whatsoever.
Originally Posted by RedMaro View Post
Great outlook to run a website on.
Originally Posted by RedMaro View Post
Standards have nothing to do with it. I do not need to run a forum to know that not trying to get "any" sponsor is a bad idea when you already have so little. You bitch about the servers been over capacity and not having enough money, yet the op gets a big fuck you and it gets ignored. I guess the lack of money will probably fix itself right? How has being picky and choosy worked out for you so far? It looks pretty lonely at the top of the homepage.......
Originally Posted by RedMaro View Post
Out of everything I said you point out the server. Stay stumped, it works better that way.
Originally Posted by BlabberMouthKC View Post
Actually RedMaro is right, I WAS considering sponsoring or donating to the site if they don't want to put by logo up at the top of the page. How do you know I didn't have an account and have been a member of this board for a while under my other username? What's wrong with creating an account to represent my company in response to someone right from the start pointing the finger at me because they looked at the surface of my company, and didn't look a little deeper into what we do?

I ACTUALLY am friends with several of the owners OF THE SPONSORS of THIS site, one of whom I know very well. I can see 3 banners at the top of this page that are owned by friends. Am I going to make a call and ask them to pull their sponsorship? No. I don't play like that.

FYI- Just because you guys blast me and don't like what I do, doesn't mean I still won't sponsor the site or make donations to help keep it running. I support this community because I was a PART of it. I don't have a car I do mods on anymore- my kids took that money from me. My company is obviously bringing in an income, and I DO make charitable donations and do consider sponsorships. Hell, I don't even allow third party ads on my site because I think it's BS- I only allow sponsorships on my site like this board does.

I apologize that I came off harsh and was an ass. How would the members of this site feel if I talked trash about YOUR business, occupation or job? I have no excuse for being a dick like that. Think of me as you will, I still stand by what I said, but yes, I should have toned it down. I will say that after 9 hours of listening to people scream at myself, my wife, and my family members working for me every day, threatening to kill them, etc., I do get a little pissed at the end of the day. I expected this and can take the yelling and cussing, but for some guy to call and yell at the women working here they way they do, that's where I reach my boiling point. They aren't the ones that mailed the letters, I did.

RedMaro was also right- when I was researching a GIANT spike in traffic to my site, I wanted to know where all the traffic was coming from, I found out it was right here and another message board. Since I was already fuming from a couple of calls of people just screaming in my ear and having someone . I'm sure there's more than one business owner in this forum, and when someone talks badly about your business, you more than likely will immediately get defensive because that's what your passion is.

QUIK- I love the free removal options myself. Eventually, that IS going to be the ONLY way to come off the site, and I have other free ways of coming off being lined up. THAT is what I believe in, and once my attorneys finish up the work behind the scenes, I'm going to implement that immediately and the option to pay will come down. The ONLY reason the pay option is there is for innocent people, and I will give them their cash back once they are innocent. THAT part of charging is no different than, and the other sites that do it strictly for the cash and keep it, no matter if the person is innocent or guilty. Do I think it's wrong? Hell yes, but unless the Defamation of Character laws in this State get changed overnight, then I have to do it this wish. I use it to deter people who are guilty from coming off the site because if they're guilty, they won't get squat back from me. I'm not keeping the money of someone who's innocent.

FYI- only those CONVICTED of their crimes are eligible for public notifications if they're still up on the site.

Just because the business is set up the way it is now, doesn't mean that I'm going to leave it that way. Once I roll out a couple of my other services that DON'T involve "paying to come off the site" and my other Free removal options are implemented, then I'm removing the pay option all together, and someone will have to wait until they're found innocent of their charges, the charges are dropped, or do one of the current "Free" options to come down.
Originally Posted by BlabberMouthKC View Post
Why do you think I did it that way? Banks give what... barely 2%? I don't want the money, and I know these people have better things to spend it on, so that's why I give 5% back to them. The money isn't even used by the company if they haven't been to trial- it stays in a separate business account so they can get it back ASAP once the charges are dropped or they're found innocent.
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