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What Mr. Creed, Had to say while he was on

Originally Posted by zef
Originally Posted by BlabberMouthKC View Post
Nightmare, I'm the owner of BlabberMouth, and I'm sure as hell legit. I will assume that it was yourself that was arrested and received a letter from my company, because I personally mailed out the first batch Friday night and people started receiving them Saturday, and since you posted this Saturday evening, either you, a friend or family member was the recipient of that letter... I know word spreads fast, but it doesn't spread THAT fast (again, I'm going to assume it was you, so my post will be directed to you- if it was someone that you know, feel free to substitue their name in).

To answer your question if anyone has ever heard of my company, probably not. Just because you haven't seen a business or company on TV, a billboard, or heard an ad on the radio doesn't mean that they don't exist or aren't "legit".

Now, if what I write in this post doesn't make you think I'm "legit" in what I'm doing, then you're more than welcome to leave your Profile up on my page and call my bluff and pray that no one in the WORLD calls my company and asks us to do a public notification on you. It's obvious that you aren't clear on what we do, how we operate, what the laws in the states in which we operate are, and why you got that letter. Oh, while you read this, maybe I might be more "legit" if I forewarn you that I've worked for the Kansas City Media Outlets (radio & TV stations) for over 15 years, on and off the air, and I have the tools and resources at my disposal to see my commitment to fulfill my company's mision and better our community completely.

First, BlabberMouth started on April 13, 2012, and it does take time before word is spread about a new business... however, in my case, the number of hits on my site since Saturday is about 500,000... so I'm sure that people are now aware of my company... all in 3 short days. And I will correct you because my company doesn't send "mailers"- it's a single letter telling someone they have a Profile on my site.

Second, The main purpose of my company is to make the public aware of the criminal actions of others in their neighborhood and their community, NOT to take off Profiles from my site- I HATE that option, but there is such a thing called "Defamation of Character", so by State Law, I have no choice but to offer an option to those who were arrested and are innocent of the charges brought against them to "opt-out" of being featured in our public notifications.

AS A COURTESY TO YOU AND OTHERS WITH MISDEMEANOR AND LESS SERIOUS FELONIES I allow them to remove their full Profile page, or pieces of information from it, no matter the status of their case or whether they are guilty or were found guilty of their charges. TBH- There is no law or rule that says I have to let anyone that's guilty of their charges come off of the site that I own if I don't want to, and I'm perfectly in my legal right to charge someone for destroying something that I spent my time creating. So, consider it a privilege that I'm even offering to take you off my site. I could just up and drop the removal option and go out and spread public knowledge and fact about anyone on my site if I wanted to under my 1st Amendment right (which has been done and challenged by others and prevailed in court). HOWEVER, I have morals and I want to run my company ethically, so I give people a chance to come off the site before we even consider doing a public campaign on them.

Third, NO, I'm not going to go out and BLAST someone just because I feel like it or because they stay up on my site because they didn't send compensation to my company to remove their profile- I'm not an asshole (sure, I might sound like one right now, but I'll get to why I'm writing in this tone in a second). I give people every opportunity and several options to get off of my site (some options are free, and the ones that cost range from $100-$250). BUT if they choose to stay on my site and someone asks us to spread the information on that Profile to the public, then we might spread the information. Again, we're not going to reveal anything just because someone didn't come off my site- I have a lot of factors that go into whether or not I do a public notification on someone.

Lastly, your statement that I blackmail people has no merit and shows me that you either haven't been to my site, or you didn't read the information pages on my site throughly or the letter throughly. Blackmail in the state of Kansas and Missouri, in laymen terms, is trying to get cash from someone by threatening to reveal information about them. I'm not threatening to reveal a damn thing because I already revealed it the second I, or someone that works for me, put up a Profile page with your information, and when we print our envelopes to mail the letters in because we put the mugshot, name, and address of the person smack-dab on the front of the envelope (which I'm sure you're aware of this) so that any person that handles it or views the envelope is made aware that that person was arrested (and that's usually a good 20-30 people, plus the guys at the post office I mail these from LOVE looking at the mugshots, and there's a good 40 people working there too). That is all done before a person is even aware that they are up on my site and before they read any correspondence from me about being on my site and the options available to them to remove their Profile. Hell, some people sat up on my site for over a month before I even sent out my letters, and I had 8,000 hits to my site while the temporary layout was being decided. Does it FEEL like blackmail? It might to you, but the law says that it isn't, and I have spent THOUSANDS of dollars with lawyers to make sure that what I'm doing isn't blackmail, extortion (which, BTW, there are no laws on extortion in Kansas), slander, and a slue of other crimes or accusations that people have and want to throw at me.

Yes, I could save myself the $1.69 it costs to print and mail each letter, but I have morals and felt that people should know their information and address is up on my website, rather than have them find out and be embarrassed because a friend, co-worker, or family member tells them because they did a search on that person's name, or they see a FaceBook post with their mugshot and link to my site. There are straight "mugshot industry/removal" sites that put people up, print them in newspapers that they sell FOR PROFIT in stores, and not even bother telling the person and then charge you over $400 to get your stuff off of one site... God forbid it's up on more than one site! THOSE are the companies that you should question about being "legit". I could charge a LOT more to let people come off my site, but as I'm NOT out to "line my pockets" and get "phat wads of cash", and I understand that most people in today's economy DON'T have a ton of extra cash laying around, I chose to set my price to simply cover my costs. If you would rather me not take the time to manually fold, stuff, and stamp over 1,000 letters per week to those on my site, OR if you think I'm being too nice for sending out these letters, please let me know, because I spend well over $1,500 per week in postage and printing costs to mail those letters and I had to ignore my 2-year-old son and listen to him cry for my attention for 2 days to do that, just so I could give you an opportunity to salvage what you can of your reputation. Hell, that money could be given to my employees as raises because they all work their ass off for me and put up with a LOT of pissed off people calling up and cussing them out and threatening them (which in itself is a crime) simply because they jump to the conclusion that I'm "blackmailing" them.

In conclusion, Nightmare, my tone in this post is as such because it's obvious that you want to talk trash about my company, and it's apparent that you either don't understand what our purpose is and are deciding to not take us seriously.

So, Nightmare, is BlabberMouth Kansas City legit?

MountainDew- if you like the mugs that are on there now, wait until you see the ones that I'm uploading this week... I've almost pissed my pants laughing at some of these mugshots. I've got about 700 people that I haven't had time to post yet, so I'll have a nice big update this week.

Check out this guy also:
Originally Posted by BlabberMouthKC View Post
That's actually for our Tenant and Employee Monitoring Sales Rep position. Feel free to apply, everyone is encouraged to do so!

MxYfz2008, I'm not in it to make money from removing PROFILES. I DO have other services besides the Notification service, and if someone is good at selling, they can make that much. Who said that I got a chunk of that income?

Very interesting posts ...

NY Post:

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